06/Repair, Reinforce structure

Design - Consulting solutions - Construction, repair and reinforcement of structures.

If you are looking for a contractor to design, appraise, and advise on reinforcement solutions for your project, Wire Structure Construction Joint Stock Company (SSC) has been a reputable and experienced destination. for your reference.

sua chua gia cuong ket cau

Currently, we specialize in consulting for the following services:

- Calculation of design, reinforcement of cracked, sagging and broken structures for beams, columns and floors.

- Calculation and construction of floor reinforcement.

- Calculating and renovating to increase the load capacity of floor beams and columns to expand business.

- The cause for the weak, cracked, sagging works may be due to the following factors: overload when using, installing new heavy machines, or due to large collisions.....

=> Currently, there are many reinforcement options being applied such as concrete reinforcement, steel reinforcement to reinforce the works. SSC is applying a new method to gradually replace beam reinforcement, column reinforcement, and floor reinforcement, which is reinforced with new materials Carbon Composite (FRP).

The reinforcement systems that SSC is providing and using.

SSC- ©ST: High strength carbon fiber structural reinforcement system

SSC-EST: Structural reinforcement system by external prestressed cables.

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