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  • 10 Years of experience
  • 999+ Customer Satisfaction
  • 99+ Completed projects

Minh Duc Group, formerly known as Minh Duc Construction Materials and Equipment Joint Stock Company, was established in April 2010, known as one of the prestigious, quality and professional units in the field of construction. The field of providing all kinds of post-tensioning equipment and materials, specific materials for the bridge and road industry and construction of pre-stressed floor beams with a variety of construction types, from commercial center projects, office buildings, etc. modern production rooms and factory. With a wide business network: Head office in Hanoi, Central branch in Da Nang, Southern branch in HCM, foreign branch in Phnom Penh - Cambodia and Development of specialized fields are systems. member companies to create products and works of outstanding quality, and at the same time meet the strict technical requirements of customers:


Minh Duc Construction Material - Equipment Joint Stock Company: Supplying all kinds of post-tensioning equipment and materials, specific materials for the bridge and road industry, which are imported from advanced countries such as the US, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, Thailand, China..

Minh Duc Prestressing Co., Ltd: Solution consulting, design and construction of beams, prestressed floors and other special structures

SSC Vietnam Company: Supply and construction of wire systems for bridges: Stay cables, hammocks, extrados. Design and construction of permanent anchor system, temporary anchorage, slope treatment. Solution consulting, design, construction, repair and reinforcement of all types of structures.

Maastricht Vietnam Company: Producing, supplying and executing natural stone paving with Leostone brand.

MDI Company: Providing solutions, designing and constructing post-tensioned beams and trading all kinds of materials and equipment specific to the bridge industry in the Southeast Asian market.

With the philosophy: "BELIEF FOR PROJECTS" We have always strived to perfect and improve the streamlined and flexible working process, raising the level of staff, experienced and passionate engineers. and create a transparent, dynamic and professional working environment.

We understand that to achieve today's results, it is the dedication and contribution of the whole team. Therefore, at Minh Duc Group, we identify people as the main factor that creates change and brings success in the development of MINH DUC.

We believe in the solidarity of experienced human resources, continuous improvement in supply, design, construction, acumen in grasping market needs and ability to meet market demands. Flexible response to customer requirements, MINH DUC will constantly develop and grow. Together, we will create quality products and works that are of Vietnamese stature and reach out in the region.

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Minh Duc Construction is a leading group of experts in Vietnam and Southeast Asia in the field of prestressed structures and paving stones. Sustainable development according to international standards.


Constructing, supplying and executing high-quality technical and art products and services with optimal technological solutions, excelling in the array of prestressed structures, paving stones for projects in Vietnam. South & International

Core values

Giá trị cốt lõi

Lịch sử hình thành, phát triển

History of formation and development

Over 10 years of establishment and development. Minh Duc Group has affirmed its prestige and brand name in the field of design, construction, supply of construction materials and equipment in the domestic and foreign markets.

Established in the difficult and crisis period of the Vietnamese economy. Today, Minh Duc has grown into a multi-industry corporation, operating widely across 3 regions of North - Central - South with estimated sales in 2019 reaching more than 500 billion VND/year.

The development of Minh Duc Group has been fostered by distinct cultural traits: creativity, initiative, hard work, integrity, and concern from the entire leadership team and employees of Minh Duc Group. 

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Đội ngũ lãnh đạo

Leadership team

Accompanying the growth and success of Minh Duc over the past 10 years is the result of the efforts and enthusiasm of all members of the company, who are talented, brave and always devoted to the goal. The goal of Minh Duc is to last and develop.

Minh Duc possesses quality human resources with members who are agile in business in the market combined with technical knowledge of experienced engineers. Has increasingly contributed to building Minh Duc today.

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