SSC-RA (Removeable Anchor) is a temporary anchor product that stabilizes the sheet pile wall and D-wall of the foundation pit, which can be removed and withdrawed cable after use.
Besides the positive side of the environment, in construction sites with excavations in pit cities, it is necessary to avoid leaving obstacles lying in the ground when constructing other nearby projects in the future. Ground Anchor SSC-RA will thoroughly solve this problem. All prestressed cables buried in the ground are removed and withdrawed after the basement are completed, the pressure inside and outside the wall is balanced. The construction of bored piles or diaphragm walls of neighboring works is no longer concerned when encountering prestressed cables lying in the ground. 


1. The cable can be easily removed or reassembled by rotating the cable with pliers.

2. As an anchor that generates distributed compressive force, the distributed jack tension is applied to the soil to reduce elongation and force loss.

3. The jacking force is evenly distributed and applied to the anchor, so it can be used for weak clay soil.

4. The cable is covered by a PE  sheath to protect the cable, prevent corrosion and make it easier to dismantle the cable.

5. Anchors are assembled and packed into rolls for convenient transportation. The encapsulation also provides long-term anchor protection.


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thông số neo tháo rời

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