"Digital transformation "- Small change, big success

Let's find out why digital transformation
Only by March 2023, there were 4,147 enterprises registered to suspend business for a definite time, up to 39.3% over the same period last year- In the Socio-Economic report of the first quarter, the Total said the Bureau of Statistics. And in that context, the Board of Directors of Minh Duc Construction Group with the leadership of Chairman Tran Dai Nghia is finding a new direction, that is: digital transformation. A revolution is vital for the corporation with the aim: optimizing efficiency and minimizing costs


The revolution with many important tasks and goals such as improving customer emotional experience, improving the automation capacity of the business, along with that, the Big data system will also help expand the market and open the market. Expand customer segments and optimize customer care time. Knowing that this transformation will have many hardships and difficulties, all employees of Minh Duc Construction Group believe in success, in a brilliant new history with the ingenious leadership of the Board of Directors of the group. the delegation in general and of President Tran Dai Nghia in particular

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